All Images © Barry Steven Greff 2019

Barry Seven Greff is a fine art/commercial photographer specializing in ethereal sea, land and cityscape images, as well as intimate portraits of animals and jellyfish

Iconic Fine Art Prints are available for residential, corporate, commercial and hospital/healthcare wall display.

Impactful Commercial images are available for high-end advertising and marketing usage.

All Fine Art Prints are produced by the artist at Museum/Gallery quality. Commercial work is delivered timely and at the exact specifications requested. Collectors and Art Buyers can expect not only the the utmost in quality imagery, but complete professionalism always....guaranteed

Barry Steven Greff Photography


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All images © Barry Steven Greff

All images © Barry Steven Greff

Born, Brooklyn, 1957, Barry grew up on Long Island, New York. His family traveled often and always had cameras with them. In addition to snapshots of the family, the photo albums contained "landscape" images depicting the locations traveled. Barry's first camera was a Kodak Instamatic with flash cubes.

Eventually he moved to Miami, Florida for college and began renting underwater photo equipment to shoot in the Florida Keys. He graduated to Minolta film cameras and began shooting sea, land and cityscapes as well as wildlife images. Eventually, his love for photography caused him to enter into magazine competitions. After winning his first one and seeing the images published, he was hooked. When digital cameras reached the acceptable quality level he switched to Canon equipment and shot eveywhere he traveled.

His work has since been published in most of the reputable Fine Art magazines, utilized for high-end advertising and recognized by many of the leading names in photography. He uses the strong work ethic of honesty and professionalism he learned growing up to make sure that all of his dealings wholly satisfy the collectors or art buyers that ultimately obtain his work.

Although the images project well on-line, the museum/gallery quality of the work, including the sharpness of detail and perfection of printing, becomes apparent in the enlarged Fine Art prints. That same insistence on quality shows through in the timeliness of delivery and reproduction of his licensed advertising images. All work is fully guaranteed as is total professionalism in every transaction.